Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 7: It's Meatball Time!

Tonight I'm hookin' it up McBain style with some killer meatballs!....There are only a million meatball recipes out there, and only really a few keys to it. First of all....You don't need ground lamb or bison or veal, or whatever these "F"ed up cook books are telling you. Anyways, where the hell do you find these things!....Every time I go to a meat market and ask for something like this, they smile, and act like they are about to make a fortune off of me!....So I'm gonna tell you how to make a killer meatball without spending a lot, or doing to much. All you need are these ingedients:

1. ground round (1.5 lbs.) - 15% fat
2. ground pork (1.5 lbs.)
3. basil
4. fresh grated parmesian cheese
5. eggs (2 medium)
6. sweet onion (1)
7. garlic (2 cloves)
8. dried bread crumbs
9. olive oil
10. worcestershire sauce (a splash)
11. cumin (1 tsp.)
12. coriander (2 tbs.)
13. salt (a pinch)
14. pepper (a pinch)


thaw the beef and pork in cold water...

pull the insides out of the bread loaf

all of it!....

dry the bread crumbs in the oven if they aren't ready

saute the onion....

wait....what the F is my cat doing up here!


then saute the onion

wait till the onions are browned

pefect....then add the garlic

and just wait till the garlic is fragrant

cool the onion and garlic in the fridge

chop the basil

grate the parmesian cheese

add it all to the mix

crack a couple of eggs into the mix

add a little worsetishire

and a little olive oil

then the bread crumbs

perfect amount

shape the balls...

place the balls....

cook the balls at 350 degrees for about 30 min....or till browned and medium


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