Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 2: breakin down a chicken

Today I am breakin it down whole chicken style. If you like to chop things up like me, then go get yourself a bird. There are so many reasons why you want to break your own chickens down.
First of all, it's like half the price. This really trips me out when I go into the store. Especially pre-cut fruits. Have we really become this lazy, to where we need someone to cut up our food into bite size pieces like our Mom used to do when we were kids.
Secondly, the best meat is on the back. There's not a whole lot, but enough for a killer sandwich.
Thirdly, you will have stock. Chicken stock is the key to flavoring everything! Every good dish starts with a good stock. Your house will smell awesome all day, and make you feel warm and cozy inside.
Finally, you will have chicken on hand. Freeze the pieces you don't use right away. (see pics below)


buy chickens on sale

get the biggest one, because you want more meat per bone.

buy only one piece of celery.

rosemary is everywhere....

stay above the dog pee zone.

cut up a mirepoix

smell your chicken (it was on sale)'ll know if it's bad!

get to know your bird.

start with the breasts

cut down to the bone....

...and through the bone (crunch)


now flip it over and crack the leg bone

cut the leg off with the thigh

now go back and cut the rest of the breasts off

finish with the wings

freeze what you want

heat some oil and the mirepoix....cook for a few minutes till translucent

add the carcass

and a gallon of water....and bring to a boil

as soon as it starts to boil, skim the fat off of the top

add rosemary...

bay leaves....

and thyme

simmer down now

pull the carcass

scrape the meat off

save the meat for a killer sandwich (another day)

after cooling it down in the fridge, I strain it....

and pour it into something with a spout (here I use this french press)

pour it back into the water jug....

and BOOM!....chicken stock!

drink it if you want....

well, maybe not

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