Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 4: Tomato basil soup w/ bbq chicken grilled cheese

Today I'm hookin it up with tomato soup and grilled cheese. There's something perfectly simple & awesome about tomato soup and a grilled cheese sando. Of course I can't do anything simple, so I've hooked it up McBain style with bbq chicken in the grilled cheese and basil in the soup. Basil gives the soup a sweet flavor without adding sugar. Bbq chicken gives the grilled cheese an extra kick. Here are the ingedients:

1. chicken broth (qt.)
2. crushed tomato can (28oz.)
3. tomato paste
4. onion (1)
5. basil (1 package)

1. texas toast bread
2. melted butter
3. cheese (tillamook)
4. chicken back meat (from day 2)
5. bbq sauce (your favorite brand)


chop the onion.....

and saute the onion till browned

add it to the the crock pot

cut the cheese (eeewwww)...and brush the bread w/ butter

butter the bread!

I added a little bbq sauce to the chicken back meat...from day 2

...and throw that into the grilled cheese....and BOOM!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! It's cold here in Arcata too, and I've been craving tomato soup and grilled cheese.