Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 3: roasted chicken wings n' stuff

Today I am roasting chicken wings along with some killer veggies. It's super cold here in Portland today, and I'll take any excuse to turn on the oven and cook something awesome! The lemon, butter and thyme really make this meal flavorful and still simple. Besides the chicken, thyme, and butter...I only spent 4 bucks. Here are the ingredients:

1. chicken wings (10)
2. red onion (1)
3. yam (2 lbs.)
4. endive (2)
5. butter (1 stick)
6. lemon (1)
7. thyme (a bunch)


thaw the chicken in cold water

cut up the onion

cut from the end....for wedges

this doesn't look good...


grab the bike....

and back to the store

no hands!

I'm on a bike!

my sweet onion

much better!

and into wedges

peel the yam

chop the yam

cut the endive into wedges

and the lemon in half

mix it all up

grab the butter....

and rub it all over the chicken pieces

get it good

squeeze a little of the lemon

ready to bake!

bake it at 325 dergees for an hour and a half....basting at the end....BOOM!

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