Monday, December 19, 2011

Gone Fishing!

I want to thank everyone for their support on this blog. I don't plan on stopping, although I am taking a small break to fish for steelhead, and then down to the Bay Area to visit family for the holidays. When I get back, I'm gonna start doing videos to make it even better! Here's a shot of me on the Wilson River in Tillamook Forest.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 8: Meatball Sando w/ Fries

Today I'm hookin it up big time McBain style with a meatball sando from heaven. For some reason (hangover) I woke up this morning craving french fries. I was planning on making a sandwich out of some leftover meatballs, and so It just hit me....put the fries in the sando!...BOOM!
I walked down to Pearl Bakery to pick up a choice ciabatta roll for this masterpiece. Besides the bread, all you need is a little marinara sauce, mayo (if you're weird like me), parmesian cheese, two meatballs (from day 7), and an appetite.


slice the bread...

then the meatballs...

then heat up the meatballs in some sauce

grate the cheese

add some mayo

then the heated meatballs and sauce

throw on a little cheese

then the fries

and more sauce

oh...and more cheese

are you convinced yet?

that's whats up!


kill it!

love it!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 7: It's Meatball Time!

Tonight I'm hookin' it up McBain style with some killer meatballs!....There are only a million meatball recipes out there, and only really a few keys to it. First of all....You don't need ground lamb or bison or veal, or whatever these "F"ed up cook books are telling you. Anyways, where the hell do you find these things!....Every time I go to a meat market and ask for something like this, they smile, and act like they are about to make a fortune off of me!....So I'm gonna tell you how to make a killer meatball without spending a lot, or doing to much. All you need are these ingedients:

1. ground round (1.5 lbs.) - 15% fat
2. ground pork (1.5 lbs.)
3. basil
4. fresh grated parmesian cheese
5. eggs (2 medium)
6. sweet onion (1)
7. garlic (2 cloves)
8. dried bread crumbs
9. olive oil
10. worcestershire sauce (a splash)
11. cumin (1 tsp.)
12. coriander (2 tbs.)
13. salt (a pinch)
14. pepper (a pinch)


thaw the beef and pork in cold water...

pull the insides out of the bread loaf

all of it!....

dry the bread crumbs in the oven if they aren't ready

saute the onion....

wait....what the F is my cat doing up here!


then saute the onion

wait till the onions are browned

pefect....then add the garlic

and just wait till the garlic is fragrant

cool the onion and garlic in the fridge

chop the basil

grate the parmesian cheese

add it all to the mix

crack a couple of eggs into the mix

add a little worsetishire

and a little olive oil

then the bread crumbs

perfect amount

shape the balls...

place the balls....

cook the balls at 350 degrees for about 30 min....or till browned and medium


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 6: German Babies

I'm up early this morning makin some German Babies. Maybe your wondering what this has to do with food, so let me tell you. My mom would always make these things on the weekend when I was a kid. Ok, that didn't sound right either. Really they are called Dutch Babies or German Pancakes. I guess for me it will always be a German Baby. These awesome breakfast treats are so simple to make, and besides the lemon, you should already have the ingredients on hand.

1. flour (1/4 cup)
2. milk (1/4 cup)
3. egg (1)
4. butter (2 tbs.)
5. lemon (1)
6. powdered sugar
7. salt (pinch)


mix it up

melt 2 tbs. butter inside the oven....then pour the mix into the center

bake at 420 degrees for 15 minutes....use your sweatshirt as a oven mit, if you don't have one

and.....BOOM!....I've done it again!