Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 8: Meatball Sando w/ Fries

Today I'm hookin it up big time McBain style with a meatball sando from heaven. For some reason (hangover) I woke up this morning craving french fries. I was planning on making a sandwich out of some leftover meatballs, and so It just hit me....put the fries in the sando!...BOOM!
I walked down to Pearl Bakery to pick up a choice ciabatta roll for this masterpiece. Besides the bread, all you need is a little marinara sauce, mayo (if you're weird like me), parmesian cheese, two meatballs (from day 7), and an appetite.


slice the bread...

then the meatballs...

then heat up the meatballs in some sauce

grate the cheese

add some mayo

then the heated meatballs and sauce

throw on a little cheese

then the fries

and more sauce

oh...and more cheese

are you convinced yet?

that's whats up!


kill it!

love it!


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